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Levnon Qyomo Morunoyo  ܠܒܢܢ ܩܝܡܐ ܡܪܘܢܝܐ Lebanon is a Maronite dogma


Learn syriac language here:

Read below: Federalism, KAFNO (Famine Genocide)

We work in close collaboration with the Maronite Eparchy of Mexico thanks to which is the official site of the Eparchy in South America.


Tur Levnon is based in Brooklyn (USA) and Zalka (Lebanon). It was founded in 1999 but registered much later in 2005 under the name “Knushto d’Marduto Suryoyto”. In 2017, it merged with other groups and associations to form the Syriac Maronite Union under the name of TUR LEVNON. Its active members are mainly in America (USA), Sweden and Lebanon.

While several religious and secular organizations in Lebanon provide Syriac language teaching courses, the candidates for learning remain very few. The Union’s aim is therefore to reach people and potential students and show them why it is necessary to learn Syriac.

Syriac is the language and hence the identity of the Christians of the Levant and Mesopotamia (from Lebanon, to Northern Syria, Southern Turkey and Northern Iraq). This region was a Syriac land before the creation of these modern states.

Syriac is extremely important for Lebanon because it is its living identity. This Hellenized and Christianized Aramaic was adopted by the Christian Cananeans. It became the Syriac language and culture of modern Lebanon that will be established as an entity in 685 by the first Maronite Patriarch Saint John Morun.

Today, Lebanon contains the largest concentration of Christians in the Middle East. Unfortunately, due to political reasons, Syriac language, culture and history are erased and untaught in schools (even in Christian schools).

To fill the gap, the Syriac Maronite Union takes action on two levels: Society and Authority.

Concerning society:
– Teaching history and language in the Christian society.
– Spreading awareness through mass media and social media.

Concerning civil authorities:
– Inviting MP and government ministers and representatives to all our events to make them continuously involved in our struggle for the revival of our Syriac language and culture.

Concerning ecclesiastical authorities:
– Encouraging them in reintroducing Syriac in the Maronite churches and mass.
-Showing them the importance of Syriac not only for our identity but also concerning our faith and spirituality.
– Using Syriac to reunite Maronites of Lebanon with the Diaspora, but also to reunite all Christian branches in a common culture and on an ecumenical level.


The Union’s main action can be summarized in four points:

  1. To encourage our Syriac Maronite Church to introduce more Syriac in the Maronite mass as it was the case up to the 60’s.
  2. To offer our help and support to all Christian schools that will reintroduce Syriac language teaching in their programs.
  3. To cooperate with Christian political parties and municipalities to introduce the use of Syriac on public buildings and signs.
  4. To lobby with Christian political parties for the recognition of Syriac by the Lebanese government as a National language.


The Union’s activities take place on several levels and different fields mainly educational and social aid for christian families in need.
Next to numerous meetings we always hold with Lebanese youth, students and Syriac organizations from the Diaspora,  we are also very active on social media and on the field.
Below is the list of our main activities since our inception:

We post on “Maronites” page (19 000 followers).
Our posts are about the Church, Lebanon and Syriac language.
Languages used in this page: Lebanese, Syriac, English, French.
Our facebook page is  TUR LEVNON
TUR LEVNON is also on Twitter.

Tur Levnon has provided in November-December 2020, 30 laptops and 30 Ipads for Children that couldn’t afford to continue their studies online.
Due to the double catastrophe of COVID 19 and the economical collapse in Lebanon, it became impossible for Tur Levnon to continue working only on the cultural and identity fields. It had to provide the maximum help for families in distress.
Therefore, Tur Levnon also distributed envelops with 500 000 LL to 60
families just before Christmas 2020.


 DR AMINE ISKANDAR:  ICIBEYROUTH.COM (article original, maronitas, syriac press)

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IB 58 Héritage 27: La découverte en 2021 d’une homélie du VIᵉ siècle:

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IB51 Les silos de la mémoire (2/2)

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IB27 Kafno : La famine comme stratégie de bouleversements géopolitique et démographique:
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Front Souverainiste 6 :Le Front souverainiste dénonce les pratiques d’un “système iranien”
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Front Souverainiste 5 – Le Front Souverainiste avait transmis une lettre au Vatican devançant Aoun:
et lien vers l’article de Samir Moukheiber sur le sujet:
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IB19 Héritage 4 : Architecture sacrée:Le cycle christique sur les façades des églises maronites:
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IB 18 Héritage 3 : Les Toponymes du Liban:
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IB15 « Projet de Région Libre » :
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IB11 Assises du Front souverainiste axées sur l’explosion du Port

 IB10 L’âme de la résistance:
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 IB9 Le Front Souverainiste pour Ain Remmané:

 IB8 L’urgence d’une Protection internationale : deuxième partie:

IB7 L’urgence d’une Protection internationale : première partie: Maronitas:

 IB6 Le Front Souverainiste pour le Liban s’oppose à une prorogation du mandat Aoun:

 IB5 (IB16) Pour sauver le patrimoine et le tissu social des quartiers sinistrés le 4 août 2020 (expo Beit Beirut et Université):

 IB4 Les maronites de Chypre : espoir et espérance :

IB3 Le pape François et l’histoire mouvementée des maronites de Chypre (I):  Maronitas:

 IB2- L’audace d’une remise en cause: Maronitas: Syriac Press:

  IB1- Rien n’est perdu:



29 July 2023 : Dr Amine Iskandar on VDL with Pamela I. Kossaifi : Role of federalism to save Lebanon  socially and economically. Why attackers of federalism are wrong.


: 25 April 2023: Dr Amine Iskandar on RLL with Ildico Elia: KAFNO ܟܦܢܐ, the Genocide of Mount-Lebanon in WWI

Link to the arabic article:

24 April 2023: Dr Amine Iskandar on Noursat TV with Ralph Tawitian(Al Nour Maana): Kafno ܟܦܢܐ Seyfo Tseghaspanoutioun, The Genocide of the Christians During WWI



March 2023: Dr Amine Iskandar on RLL with Hoda Eid (Wojooh): The chalenge, the role and duty of the Church in the face of the genocides that our history has known and in the face of our current existential danger.

October 2022: Dr Amine Iskandar on VDL with Pamela Ibrahim Kosseyfi: Nehna wal Iktissad:

September 2022: Dr Amine Iskandar in Noursat: Maronite hymns and the importance of preserving its original syriac language:

18 October 2021: Dr Amine Iskandar in VDL with Pamela Ibrahim talking about the tragic situation in Lebanon and the proposed solutions:الحلول-الإقتصادية-للمحافظة-على-الإقت/?program=audio&episode=55

Here are the topics in detail:

1)- Emigration is not the Solution. 
2)-Emigration is not the Solution.
3)-The misdeeds of political centralization.
4)- From Subsidiarity to Federalism.
5)-Lebanon’s poverty is a myth
6)- A country’s dimension is irrelevant for Federalism.
7)- MauriceGemayel ‘s educational reforms’ project.
8)-The planned destruction of Lebanon .
9)-How to resist instead of emigrating.
10)-Actual symbols of resistance
17  September 2021: Miss Maya AbiRamia interview by Pamela Hneine about Tur Levnon:
2021 September 10: Mr Ziad Kortbawi interview by Pamela Hneine about Tur Levnon’s goals:
2021 September 6:  Dr Amine Iskandar article in L’Orient-Lejour: Partir ou résister ?

30 August 2021:  Dr Amine Iskandar article in L’Orient-Lejour: Le principe de la subsidiarité. Une dernière chance pour les libanais:

27 August 2021:  Dr Amine Iskandar article in L’Orient-Lejour : Le1960-1914 ou 1975-2019 : le Liban dérange-t-il ?

19 August :Dr Amine Iskandar article in L’Orient-Lejour : Le patriarche maronite hier et aujourd’hui: on the importance of Bkerké and why it is being attacked today:

17 August 2021 :Dr Amine Iskandar article in L’Orient-Lejour: Il faut savoir mourir pour pouvoir vivre: Homélie de Monseigneur Antoine Bounajem à Annaya.

7 August 2021 :Dr Amine Iskandar article in L’Orient-Lejour : un port, une cité, une montagne :

August 2021
Tur Levnon mentioned in Proche Orient Chrétien (USJ).
Tome 70- 2020 fasc. 1/4 – Soeur Tidola Abdo.

«Tur Levnon», une association engagée pour la préservation du syriaque
La langue est une composante considérable de l’histoire d’un peuple. Elle raconte son histoire et marque sa culture. Plusieurs expressions courantes témoignent de l’histoire maronite ancrée dans la langue syriaque.
Mais l’usage du syriaque dans la liturgie ne garde que peu de traces dans des passages comme dans certains chants traditionnels et dans les paroles de la consécration. Dès le début du christianisme jusqu’en 1943, puis jusqu’aux années 60 du siècle dernier, le syriaque était enseigné par la liturgie et par des maîtres qui transmettaient le savoir. Le passage 278 Proche-Orient Chrétien
du syriaque à l’arabe s’est finalement fait et la langue syriaque s’est trouvée reléguée aux oubliettes sauf chez quelques érudits. En effet, plusieurs prêtres et religieux ont pris des initiatives pour enseigner le syriaque et le réintroduire dans la liturgie et le langage, mais sans succès. En 2017, naît une association débordant largement les frontières du Liban sous le nom de Tur Levnon (Mont Liban en syriaque) dont le but consiste à introduire l’enseignement du syriaque dans les écoles, collèges et universités et d’en développer l’usage dans la liturgie, à travers des conférences, des émissions de télévision et autres médias. Les promoteurs s’appuient sur les témoignages de trois grands patriarches, Youhanna Maron (VIIe), Estéphan Douayhi (1630-1704), déclaré vénérable par le pape Benoît XVI en 2008, le premier à avoir écrit l’histoire des maronites, et à avoir défendu la langue syriaque, et Antoine Arida (1931–1955), le dernier à s’être battu pour l’identité syriaque des maronites.
En août 2019, les membres de cette association se rendent à Dimane, la résidence estivale des patriarches maronites, pour recevoir la bénédiction du patriarche al-Raï.

30 July 2021 :Dr Amine Iskandar :Syriac language and lebanese dialect TéléLumière with Pamela:

2021 July  9 :  Dr Amine Iskandar : la langue dans la construction de l’état moderne (Printania Hotel):

2021 June 15: Charity TV interview with Dr Amine Iskandar: about Kafno and importance of teaching syriac language , our history and Maronite spirituality in our schools and universities.

2021 June 12:

Celebration of the Martyrs of Kafno, Sayfo and Tseghaspanoutioun at the Lebanese Syriac Union Party in Zahlé. Dr Amine Iskandar speech: Why Tur Levnon wants us to teach Syriac:  or:

2021 June 11: Dr Amine Iskandar had a meeting in Bkerké with the bishops of the Maronite Diaspora to cover the necessity of teaching our history, spirituality and Syriac language: press on photo.


Dr Amine Iskandar with Mgr Georges Saad Abi-Younes bishop of Mexico who cooperates with Tur Levnon through . See spanish section at:

2021 June 8: Dr Amine Iskandar article in l’Orientlejour about the importance of the language in the formation of the nation:

2021 June 5:


Tur Levnon’s President Eli Stephan Mendelek and Former president Dr Amine Iskandar installing the memorial of Patriarch Mor Yohanon Morun in Harba, Batroun.
This is where the Maronite epic started which Patriarch Estephanos Douaihy calls:
Levnon Qyomo Morunoyo  ܠܒܢܢ ܩܝܡܐ ܡܪܘܢܝܐ Lebanon is a Maronite dogma
Tur Levnon / History Department ܛܘܪ ܠܒܢܢ  ♰  ܚܘܝܕܐ ܣܘܪܝܝܐ ܡܪܘܢܝܐ

Video aboutKfarHay WediHarba

21 May 2021: Visit of a deleguation of Tur Levnon to Mgr Antoine BouNajem to congratulate him on the occasion of his nomination as the new Bishop of Antelias Parish.
From left to right: Dr Amine Iskandar, Father Jean Maroun Helou, Mr Eli Stephan Mendelek, Mgr Antoine AbouNajem, Mrs Angela Bitar, Mr Charbel Hachem, Mr David Corm, Mr Philippe Abboud.

2021 May 12: Webinar of MEIRSS. Dr Amine Iskandar stresses the importance of preserving our syriac identity to be able to survive in Lebanon.

Same interview taken live HD from iphone:

2021 May 12: Webinar of MEIRSS. Full Video.

3 May 2021: Alive with Katia Mendelek on MTV. Tur Levnon members Maya AbiRamia and Manuel Maroun stressing the importance of preserving our syriac maronite heritage:

MTV original video

Dr Amine Iskandar IN Suroyo TV of Sweden:

Tur Levnon president Dr Amine Iskandar with Patriarche Bechara Boutros Rai : the phoenician transition to syriac.

2021 February: On OTV Father Elie Kesrewani explains to Habib Younes why lebanese language is in fact an arabised syriac language.

2021January:     Father Georges Sadaka thanks Tur Levnon’s president Dr Amine Iskandar for leting us realise we are not chicken but proud flying eagles.

2020,  December: Message of Charles Malek to the maronites as shown by Dr Amine Iskandar:

2020,  December: Le mystère de la langue des maronites: Why the maronite syriac is so distinct; the phoenician influence.
2020,  December 25: Dr Amine Iskandar interview with Suryoyo Sat of Sweden:
2020,  November 17: Dr Amine Iskandar at Nour Sharq
2020,  November 24: Dr Amine Iskandar article about Neutrality & Federalism (arabic):
2020,  November: Dr Amine Iskandar talk about Syriac Identity of Lebanon at Nour Chabab:
2020,  November: Dr Amine Iskandar talk in Mar Roukoz Monastery for the Maronite Antonine Order :
2020, 5 November: A Tur Levnon delegation visits the Patriarche Mar Bchara Boutros Rai in Bkirki.
The members of the delegation are : President Dr Amine Iskandar, vice president Raya Boustany, David Corm, Ziad Kortbawi, Manuel Maroun and Georges Saroukhan.

S.E. Patriarche Mar Bchara Boutros Rai with Dr Amine Iskandar.

From left to right: Ziad Kortbawi, Georges Saroukhan, Amine Iskandar, Raya Boustany, Manuel Maroun, David Corm.

2020, October: Many laptops are distributed to children to help them following their school courses online.

Dr Amine Iskandar with Marie-Thérèse,Charbel and Elias.

Dr Amine Iskandar with Akram Nehme, member of Tur Levnon

2020 August, September: Social Help for victims of Beirut blast : please go to:

2020 August: Vice president of Tur Levnon Raya Boustany talks about the importance of syriac for the lebanese people:
#Syriac is our #language and our #spirituality ܣܘܪܝܝܐ ܗܘ ܠܫܢܢ ܘܪܘܚܢܝܘܬܢ

2020 July: Social Help for lebanese in need to keep them rooted in their country.

2020 june: Conférence culturelle donnée par Dr Amine Jules Iskandar, président de Tur Levnon le 12 juin 2020 aux jeunes du mouvement des jeunes de la Paroisse Notre Dame du Liban à Paris et du Club Culturel de la jeunesse franco-libanaise:
2020: June 12: Social Help for people in need starting.2020: June 8: First meeting of Tur Levnon members after the Covid-19 pandemy with president Dr Amine Iskandar discussing methods of social help in the difficult social situation. Image

2020: January 11:  Christmas Maronite Mass in Syriac language with Layal Néhmé and Diana AbiNader. Celebrated by Father Charbel Ghsoub and Father Toni BouNajm at 6:00 pm in Mar Elias Church, Ain Aar. Broadcasted by Télé Lumière and Nour el Sharq:

2019: December 26: Christmas Maronite Mass in Syriac language in Ain Aar with Layal Néhmé and Diana AbiNader. Celebrated by Father Joseph Malkoun and Father Hanna Iskandar at 5:00 pm in Mar Maroun Church, Beirut. (No TV).
Layal Nehmé:
Diana Abi Nader:
Père Joseph Malkoun:
Tur Levnon’s President:
2019: October 6-7 and 8: Congress by the « Jabal Amel cultural Association» about Syriac Art and Inscriptions on Maronite churches.« Jabal Amel cultural Association» about Syriac Art and Inscriptions on Maronite churches.
2019:September27: Tur Levnon Conference at Bo’outo d Nouhro Charity Association, Jdeidé, Lebanon. About the Syriac heritage in Lebanon.
2019: August 11: Patriarch Estephanos Douayhi Mass. Maronite Mass in Syriac language with the Antonine Choir. Celebrated by Father Ibrahim BouRajel at 11:00 am in Mar Sarguis w Bakhos monastery, Ehden. Tur Levnon was represented by : Angéla Bitar Semaan (Vice president), Eli Stéphan Mendelek (Democracy coordinator), Roy Araygi (Zgorta coordinator), Joseph BouKaram (Youth coordinator), Amine Jules Iskandar (President), and new member Yacoub Sahyoun.Télé Lumière: of Charity
NNA (Lebanon government Press:
Speech of TurLevnon’s president
2019:July19: “Syriac Culture and Identity in the Maronite Church”. Conference by Father Jean Maroun Helou (founding member of Tur Levnon) at St:a Maria Kyrkan, Orebro, Sweden.
2018:May18: “La culture syriaque et l’architecture au Liban” conference at the Faculty of Fine Arts, branch 1, Lebanese University. Part one: by Father Yohanna Yeshoua Khoury about Syriac language. Part two: by Amine-Jules Iskandar about Syriac Maronite architecture.2018:April5: Catholic Center for information. Tur Levnon participated in the colloquium for the 350th anniversary of the election of Mar Estephanos Douayhi as Patriarch of Antioch for the Syriac Maronites.
2018: March 14: LIU Lebanese International University: Colloquium Abbot Gabriel Qordahi on Syriac studies. Tur Levnon held a conference about “Syriac architecture in Maronite churches”. A comity was created to follow up on the decisions of the Colloquium, especially in teaching Syriac in Catholic schools in Lebanon. The comity was formed of the LIU director Gaby Khoury, Tur Levnon president Amine-Jules Iskandar, Syriac League president Habib Afram, representative of Syriac writers of Iraq Nezar Hanna Dirani, Georges Kordahi, and the official representative of the Maronite Patriarch, father Yohanna Yeshoua Khoury.
2017: December 21: Tur Levnon Convoy with Syriac Music and Maronite flags from Our Lady of Hadat to Place Sassine going through: Hadat, Baabda, Ain Remméné, Furn el chebbek, Hazmié, Sin el fil, Achrafié, Sassine.
2017: December 15, 16 and 17: Christmas Market in Bikfaya. Tur Levnon’s stand provided Syriac prayers carved on wood, Syriac names on mugs, Maronite flags, Syriac language CD and DVD…
2017: December 16: Recital in Bikfaya, Mar Mikhael church.
2017: December 8: Recital in Baabda-Hadat at the Amphitheater of the Antonin Maronite Order College. In the presence of government and Christian parties representatives, such as:
MP Alain Aoun representing the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun.
Minister Pierre Bou Assi representing Dr Samir Geagea, president of the Lebanese Forces Party.
Mr Gaby Gebrayel representing Minister Gebran Bassil, president of the FPM.
Mr Ramzi Bou Khaled representing Deputy Samy Gemayel, president of the Kataeb Party.
2017: August 31: Recital of Syriac Maronite hymns at Saint-Maron church in Downtown Beirut. Under the high patronage of his Beatitude the Patriarch of the Syriac Maronite Church, Mar Bechara Petros Rai:
2017: July: Visits to Maronite bishops: Habib Chamié of Argentina, Youssef Mouawad of Zahlé, Michel Aoun of Jbeil, Paul Matar of Beirut. We also met with Abbot Nemtalla Hachem, superior of the Maronite Lebanese Order. He promised all his schools will start teaching Syriac to children.
2017: Jun 09: Visit to Father Yohanna Yeshoua Khoury Professor of Syriac language at the Lebanese University.
2017: May 30: Visit to Father Boutros Azar Secretary General of Catholic Schools in Lebanon.
2017, May 20 : First Syriac Maronite Congress in New York : Launching of Tur Levnon in the presence of Maronite bishop of America Gregory Mansour.
2017: May 11: Visit to Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Petros Rai in Bkerké, to announce the creation of Tur Levnon and the New York Congress.
2016, August: Letter to Pope Francis for the revival of Syriac language in Lebanon.
2012, August:  Letter to Pope Benedict XVI for the revival of Syriac language in Lebanon. Also published in L’Orient-Le Jour in August 2012


2020 August-september-… : Syriac identity of Lebanon: SYRIAC PRESS blog :

2020: May 14, 20, 28: Tur Levnon in Syriac Press, Denmark; in 3 articles:

Article 1: May 14:
Article 2: May 20:
Article 3: May 28:

2020: April 30: About Kafno on Nour Chabeb (Télé Lunmière) with Journalist Arzé Bitar:
2020: April 24: On the Christian Genocide Day, special report about Tseghaspanoutioun, Seyfo, and Kafno, Tur Levnon with Syriac Union and Tachnak, was broadcasted on MTV news 8:00pm
2020: February 26: On the Word Mother Language Day, about Syriac language with“TurLevnon”on TéléLumière with Journalist Ralph Tawitian
2020: February 21: On the Word Mother Language Day, special report about Syriac language with “Tur Levnon” and “Friends of the Syriac Language” was broadcasted on MTV news 8:00pm.
Full document: 12mn:
2019: August 28: The importance of Syriac for Lebanon. On Radio Liban Libre 102.5 FM:

2019: August 28: On MTV in “Alive” with Katia Mendelek : Patriarch Estephanos Douayhi Maronite Mass in Syriac language by Tur Levnon on August 11 in Ehden, with vice president Angela Bitar

2019: August 26-27-28: Tur Levnon in “Terre de Compassion” (France) in Three articles :

2019: August 21: Tur Levnon in “Cath.Ch”, Switzerland, « Liban : lutte pour préserver la langue syriaque dans la messe » ; by Jacques Berset :

2019: August 19: Tur Levnon in L’Orient-Le Jour. Amine-Jules Iskandar interviewed by Ornella Antar :

2019: August 17: Tur Levnon on Voice of Charity (105.9 FM). Amine-Jules Iskandar interviewed by Rita Breidy:

2019: August 11: Live on Nour Qeddes (and later on Nour Sat) Patriarch Estephanos Douayhi Mass. Maronite Mass in Syriac language with the Antonine Chorale. Celebrated by Father Ibrahim BouRajel at 11:00 am in Mar Sarguis w Bakhos monastery, Ehden.

2019: Jully 8: Father Jean Maroun Helou (one of founders of Tur Levnon) on Suroyo TV: the Maronite Church’s interest in Syriac as a link with its Diaspora and Lebanon

2019 May in medium: english translation of Kafno from L’Orient-LeJour:

2019: May 14: in L’Orient-Le Jour: Kafno: the Genocide Famine in Mount Lebanon:

2019: April 22: Kafno, by Tur Levnon, at the Genocide Memorial (in Jdeidé municipality),organized by the Syriac international Union:

2019: March:  in Tahkik (Part 2) with Claude AbouNader Hindi on MTV: Syriac heritage in Lebanon,and TurLevnon’s activities and mission:

2019: March 23: on Nour El Charq : Syriac heritage in Lebanon, and Tur Levnon’s acivities:

2019: June 2019 to December 2019, on Nour el Sharq: rerun of the 24 episodes below.


2019: November 2018 to May 2020: 24 EPISODES ON NOUR AL SHARQ by Dr Amine Iskandar: :Syriac heritage in Lebanon:

See them:
– in lebanese language:
– in english language: :
– in spanish language: :

1: the people: Syriac identity of the Maronites:
2: the language and alphabet: The syriacs: geography, history, religion:
3:preservation of the language: Importance of syriac language for our existence and identity:
4: syntaxe and grammar: Syriac heritage and culture in spoken lebanese: grammar, syntaxe:
5: phrases in Lebanese syriac: Syriac presence in spoken lebanese sentences:
6:syriac words: Syriac words in spoken lebanese language:
7:Syriac Maronite names: Syriac and indo-european origin of lebanese names and families:
8:toponymes: Lebanon speaks syriac : meaning of names of our syriac towns and villages:
9:architecture:Trifora: Syriac identity of lebanese architecture: exhaustive explanation of symbols with full references:
10:architecture:mandaloun: Syriac identity of lebanese architecture:exhaustive explanation of symbols with full references:
11:frescoes: The frescoes of the maronite churches:
12:iconography and Codex Rabula
13:calligraphy: Graphie syriaque. Les 3 scripts.
14:epigraphy:circles: Inscriptions inscrites dans des cercles
15:epigraphy:squares: Inscriptions inscrites dans des carrés
16:facades: architecture des facades des églises maronites
17:Christicycle: cycles Christique sur les facades des églises maronites
18:literature: Collège Maronite de Rome
19:Père Michel Rouhana1: phoenician heritage in syriac maronite culture
29:Père Michel Rouhana2: Syriac Maronite Mass
21:Père Elie Kesrouani: Syriac Maronite Music
22: Père Youssef Tannous: Syriac Maronite Music
23:Père Ayoub Chahwan: Importance of syriac language for Patriarche Estefanos Douaihi
24: Kafno: Famine genocide in Lebanon 1914-1918


2018: November 26: on El-Siyasa, about Tur Levnon’s mission:

2018: June 28: Radio MBS, Syriac in the Lebanese dialect, by Tur Levnon representative Ms. Cindy Finianos.

2018: May 16: Télé Lumière. Received by Ralph Tawitian to talk about the Lebanese University conference on May 18:

2017, December 18, Radio Liban (French), with Nanette Ziadé. About Tur Levnon, the 2017 Christmas events, and their mportance of reviving Syriac language:

2017, December 6, Radio MBS, about Syriac identity and about the 2017 Christmas events of Tur Levnon from December 8 to December 21:

Recital of Baabda (Antonin College) on December 8.


Recital of Bikfaya (St Mikhael Church) on December 16.


Christmas Market of Bikfaya on December 15, 16 and 17.


2017, December 4, Suryoyo TV Sweden, about Syriac identity and about the 2017 Christmas events of Tur Levnon from December 8 to December 21:

2017, December 3, OTV, about the 2017 Christmas events of Tur Levnon from December 8 to December 21.:

2017, December 2, MTV, about the 2017 Christmas events of Tur Levnon from December 8 to December 21:

2017, November 23, Mariam TV, about Tur Levnon Christmas events: Recital of December 8, recital of December 16, Christmas Market on December 16 and 17, Tur Levnon convoy in Beirut on December 21:

2017, November 20, Charity TV, about Tur Levnon Christmas events: Recital of December 8, recital of December 16, Christmas Market on December 16 and 17, Tur Levnon convoy in Beirut on December 21:

2017, Sep 16 and sep 17: Télé Lumière – Nour Sat, showing the entire Recital including the speech of Tur Levnon.

2017,Sep 3:MTV:About the Mar Maroun Syriac Maronite Recital:

-, August 27, OTV, in Yom Jdid, about the Mar Maroun Syriac Maronite Récital:
2017, August 14, Charity TV, interview by Rita Breidi, about the Mar Maroun Syriac Maronite Récital:
2017, June 30, on Radio Liban Culture RCL 88.5 and 92.3 FM. About Tur Levnon:
2017, June 25 : Radio Liban Libre : RLL : interview by Ildico Elia: about Tur Levnon, its launching in New York, the Recital in Saint-Maron, the aims and future activities:, June 23 : Article in Annahar, by Roula Mouawad :about Tur Levnon, its launching in New York, and the Recital in Saint-Maron.
2017, June 21: MTV Lebanon: about Tur Levnon, its launching in New York, and the Recital in Saint-Maron:

2017, June 19: Suryoyo TV Sweden: about Tur Levnon, its launching in New York, and the Recital in Saint-Maron:
2017, June 14:  OTV Lebanon: about Tur Levnon, its launching in New York, and the Recital in Saint-Maron:
2017, January 28: MTV (Lebanon), in Alive (Katia Mendlek), “Syriac, the language of the Maronites”:
2016, March 21; and September 9; and October 10: SUROYO TV (Sweden): “Syriac, identity, and the Christian presence in Lebanon”,
2012, June 9:MTV(Lebanon),in Beynétna (KatiaMendlek):”Syriac, the language of the Maronites”:
2012, June 19: SURYOYO SAT (Sweden): “Syriac, the language of the Maronites”.
2007, July 12: TELE LUMIERE, Souryaniyat: «Who are the Syriacs?».
2006, March 21: Voix du Liban Libre (interview in Arabic), The teaching of Syriac language.
2005, September 2: TELELUMIERE, Al minbar al Horr : « The Syriac heritage of Lebanon».
2002, Octobre 17: ORBIT 3, in Ouyoun Beirut: La Nouvelle Cilicie.
2002, October 18: Voice of Van (Armenian radio), La Nouvelle Cilicie.

Requiem: 3al 3etro dbesme tobe: salat wad3il bakhour:


Since 2004, we participate in the teaching of Syriac language at the Association of “Friends of the Syriac language”, Bauchrié, Beirut.
Since 2013, Daniel Asade (Ph. D. in SYRIAC PHARMACOPEIA at the University of Buenos Aires) is assisting Prof. dr. Pablo Ubierna for the Syriac Culture Seminar.

PUBLICATIONS : Articles about Syriac culture by our founder member Dr Amine Iskandar:

  • “Syriac Epigraphy in Lebanon” in The Scholar Abbot Gebrael Al-Kurdahi’s Conference on Syriac Studies, LIU, Beirut, (March 2018), pp. 365-391.
  • “Mor Ephrem and the Syriac Identity”, in NDU Spirit (Notre-Dame University magazine– Louaizé), issue 39 (March 2007)
  • “La trifora libanaise” (the Lebanese triple arche and its Syriac meaning) in Parole de L’Orient (Mélto) . Actes du 9° Symposium Syriacum, issue 31 (2006)
  • “La trifora libanaise” (the Lebanese triple arche and its Syriac meaning) in Fann wa ‘imarah (revue spécialisé de l’Académie de Beaux Arts de l’Université Libanaise), issue 1 (décembre 2006)
  • “La maison à trois arcades” (The triple arche and its Syriac meaning in Lebanese architecture) in Byzance, issue 10 (February-March 2005)
  • “Les influences syriaques dans la miniature éthiopienne” (Syriac influences in Ethiopian miniatures), in Al-Manarat, Revue de Sciences Religieuses, year 51 – number 3, 2014. pp. 5-48.

PUBLICATIONS : Books about Syriac culture by our founder member Dr Amine-Jules Iskandar:

  • Epigraphie syriaque. Volume 2. L’épigraphie Syriaque dans l’architecture libanaise (Syriac inscriptions in Lebanese architecture). Published by Notre Dame University – Louaisé, 2014, Lebanon, 470 pages. (23X32cm)
  • Epigraphie syriaque. Volume 1.L’épigraphie syriaque au Liban.(Syriac and garshouné stone inscriptions in Lebanon)Published by Notre Dame University – Louaisé, 2008, Lebanon, 480 pages. (23X32cm)
  • La dimension syriaque dans l’art et l’architecture au Liban (three books in one volume).Published by Université Saint-Esprit – Kaslik, 2001, Lebanon. 295 pages. (23X32cm)
  • La Nouvelle Cilicie.(the Armenian presence in Lebanon and its interaction with the Syriac-Maronites).Published by the Armenian Archbishopry, 1999, Lebanon. 144 pages ( 120x29cm).

PUBLICATIONS for teaching Syriac:

NEW :Learn Syriac language: by father Elie Khoueiry

  • The Book of Syriac without a teacher, by Knushto d’Marduto Suryoyto: suryoyoDloMalphono or:


29 July 2023 : Dr Amine Iskandar on VDL with Pamela I. Kossaifi : Role of federalism to save Lebanon  socially and economically-Why attackers of federalism are wrong.

Iad Boustany: article dans l’OrientLejour du 15 juillet 2021:
De la légion romaine au fédéralisme libanais



9 March 2021: Iad Boustany explains Federalism in zoom meeting for Lebanese Park with Jean-Marie El Bacha:

5 March 2021: Dr Iad Boustany explains federalism on MTV:

Elie Stephan Mendelek et Dr Amine Iskandar on  Suroyo TV:

8 february 2021:  Dr Amine Iskandar on  Suroyo TV:


12 january 2021 : Dr Amine Iskandar on  Al Jadid TV :

24 November 2020: Dr Amine Iskandar article about Neutrality & Federalism (in written arabic):

24 august 2020:  Neutralité et régionalisme  L’Orient-LeJour / Par Amine-Jules ISKANDAR, le 24 août 2020 à 00h00

24 august 2020: Neutrality and Federalism Syriac Press

24 august 2020:  Neutralidad y Federalismo

KAFNO: famine genocide in Lebanon 1914-1918

Movie presented by The Maronite Cultural Center:
Maronites Freedom and Hope. 1283-1307 (mameluk period) and 1914-1918 (Ottoman period).

Article in arabic:

Speech of Tur Levnon exPresident Mr Eli Stephan Mendelek about KAFNO, the Mount Lebanon Genocide of WWI. Given in Zahlé during a commemoration organized by the Universal Syriac Union Party. April 2022.

Medias in 4 languages:


video Zoom Guides Touristiques du Liban: 1 March 2021:
video Nour Al Sharq:
video MTV:
video MTV:
text Lebanese Canadian Coordination Council june 14,2019: KAFNObejjjani200612

text Syriac Press: from Kafno to Kafno the centenary of greater Lebanon:
text Syriac Press:


text L’Orient-LeJour: de Kafno à Kafno 100 ans du Grand Liban:

text de Kafno a Kafno el centenario del Gran Líbano :íbano  Published in



Video of Tur Levnon Anthem showing our Flag  shared by the Church and the People


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